July: The Fortune Dialogue

Privilege, Comfort, Abundance, and Luck

Is It Your Fault You Have Privilege?

When we talk about structural inequality in our society it normally ends with one group of people feeling vilified because of their class position,…


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People, Places & Organizations

Instapaper: Tap Slide Scroll

TLDR, Too Long Didn’t Read, usually prohibits people from consuming the best content across the internet. Bookmarking articles messes up your fancy organization, sending…


Bridgade App: Tap Slide Scroll

Brigade is taking a step towards leveraging democracy via digital media. Founded by Sean Parker, a disruptor of the music industry, and former CEO,…


Ideology, Social Change, and Entrepreneurship
photo by Carolina Korman

The Breakfast Club: July

Lots of groups are having brunches these days, and why not? Brunch is awesome! With The Breakfast Club you will not only get your…

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Expansion: Growth, Scale, and Maturity

In the world of entrepreneurship there seems to be only one question that investors really want answered. How quickly can you scale?  Undoubtedly this is an…