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Criticism, Perspective, Expression and Radical Thought

Neck Rings Eq. Breast Implants

At first glance this idea might seem like a stretch (no pun intended). But upon closer inspection at the factors that motivate the wearing of…


Personal-Bio Identity Parallel Theory

Henri Tajefl’s  Social Identity Theory is one of the greatest contributions to modern psychology. It poses that we find our identity based on our…


People, Places & Organizations That Make Up Our Culture

Seashells By Natalie Neal

Natalie Neal was born and raised with 5 sisters in rural Oregon, where she started photographing at the age of 14. Upon graduating from  Brigham Young University with a degree in Photography, she  wrote and directed her first short film “Rose and Sophia” that had its world premier at the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival.   Her music and fashion videos have premiered on Nylon Magazine, Material Girl Magazine, Ladygunn, been featured on Promo News, and received Vimeo Staff Pick. In 2014 publisher Number 04 released an artist book of Natalie’s film stills, screenplays, and selected photographs. Her most recent short film “Seashells” premiers this…


Art, Philosophy, Music, Video, And Poetry


  If you haven’t been keeping up with the artist formerly known as Breezy Lovejoy you might be overdosing on sleeping pills. Thee multi…

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Point Of View

The funny thing about each of us is that in little ways we all see things differently. It could be our height or our…


Fruits De Mer

As we explore the notion of Collaboration this month, we must mention, perhaps the most collaborative of industries: film. No where else is such…


Politics, Social Change, and Entrepreneurship

Artists For Prop 47

All of our worlds are connected in ways we don’t see. Like the connection between the amount of tax dollars spent on inmates in…


Model Behavior

Citizens Of Culture gathered thirty individuals from the Los Angeles community to participate in an evening of social experiments. Through a series of games…

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