September: Repitition

Habit, Ritual, and Pattern
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Why You Keep Crawling Back To Your Ex

Angie is in a relationship. Well, she used to be in a relationship. with Isaac. They’ve actually been broken up for about a year…


Snooping & The Nature Of Inquiry

Are you a snooper? Its okay just admit it. You like to rifle through the closets of your Air Bnb hosts. You are oh-so-…


Art, Music, Video, And Poetry


People, Places & Organizations

NO Pressure NO Shame- RECAP

Last Friday, Hollywood’s own Farmer’s Daughter Hotel played host to the event that combing tech, sociology, and experience design to create a singles night like no other!…


Instapaper: Tap Slide Scroll

TLDR, Too Long Didn’t Read, usually prohibits people from consuming the best content across the internet. Bookmarking articles messes up your fancy organization, sending…


Bridgade App: Tap Slide Scroll

Brigade is taking a step towards leveraging democracy via digital media. Founded by Sean Parker, a disruptor of the music industry, and former CEO,…


Ideology, Social Change, and Entrepreneurship
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The Breakfast Club: August

Yesterday, we partnered with  General Assembly and Whole Foods Santa Monica to bring you the best quality in locally sourced goods, and an investigation…

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The Breakfast Club: July

Lots of groups are having brunches these days, and why not? Brunch is awesome! With The Breakfast Club you will not only get your…

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