Book Club: Language Wars

Have you ever spoken to someone who you could not understand at all even though you were both speaking English? Maybe they were from…



Jake Fuentes – Level Money

“Money, is no longer a physical object.”, explains Jake Fuentes the CEO and co-founder of Level Money, a new personal finance app. He’s right….


Maker City LA: Sharon Ann Lee

If you work as a freelance creative, you know how difficult it can be to find a place to work where you find chemistry…


Creative Capital Is King

Judging by your bank account and the world around you, it might not seem like you are rich.  But, you are probably wealthier than…

Language Arts



Pure . Son . Shine .

Welcome to another volume of damn I’ve never heard of that but thanks that was really cool. I would like to treat this column…


Alex . Thee . Voice . Isley .

  Every once in a while you meet a voice. A voice you never thought existed. Perfect as an angels whisper, and as sweet…

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