Feminist Firesides: Micol Hebron, Micha Cardenas, Edxie Betts

Feminist Firesides is and exploration by artist, musician, educator, and agitator, Christy Roberts Berkowitz, into current events and issues informed by intersectional feminism. In podcast style interviews, Roberts Berkowitz sits down with prominent figures in feminism and social justice to discuss everything from movements to individual projects. 

Episode 1: Over the summer, Christy sat down with one of her mentors, Micol Hebron, to discuss “Free the Nipple”, a movement that came about over the last few years, aimed at the gender targeting and censoring of female-assigned bodies. As an intervention, Micol created male nipple pasties to be used over female nipples in social media posts. This resulted in a battle over the continued censorship of sexuality that Christy and Micol dive very very deep into.  

Episode 2: In this episode, Christy chats with micha cárdenas and Edxie Betts in a Downtown LA Cafe to discuss their project with Patrisse Cullors and Chris Head, entitled Unstoppable. In the words of the project’s creators: “At the 2015 Allied Media Conference opening ceremony, Patrisse Cullors asked “what would technology for black lives be,” while wearing a shirt designed by Foremost and Damon Turner with the words BULLETPROOF #BlackLivesMatter emblazoned across her chest in gold. Inspired by this idea, micha cárdenas, Patrisse Cullors, Edxie Betts and Chris Head are collaborating to develop UNSTOPPABLE, a set of materials and processes for producing DIY bulletproof clothing at low to no cost. UNSTOPPABLE is art as intervention. The artists have developed a set of instructions for making these garments for wide dissemination.”

Feminist Firesides: Episode 1 with Micol Hebron! by Christy Roberts Berkowitz

Feminist Firesides: Episode 2 with micha cárdenas and Edxie Betts! by Christy Roberts Berkowitz



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Artist, musician, academic, and agitator Christy Roberts, composes experiences, images, and objects that attempt to reconcile revolution and escapism. A native of Southern California, Roberts holds Bachelor Degrees in Philosophy and Religion, a BFA in Studio Art, and an MFA from Claremont Graduate University, earned in 2011.Roberts has written for Art21 Magazine and was one of LA Weekly’s Best of LA People, 2012. She is currently maintaining her personal art practice, working on “Jung Money” and “Glitzer”, two separate transdisciplinary multimedia projects, and is the Volunteer Coordinator at KCHUNG.

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