Worth, Status, & Dignity

Sometimes I will go to a friends house and attached to their bathroom mirror I might see a little post-it note that says something like  “You are beautiful.” In the dashboard of their car I find another note that says “You are worth it.” and I know these are affirmations that help them remember important truths about themselves as they move through the world eager to see them forget. These are things we need to keep in mind when we deal in business and relationships that sometimes ask or allow us to compromise ourselves for a short-term goal. Still, I wonder how we know these affirmations are true. There are spiritual and religious texts that imply we are all worthy of love for cosmic or metaphysical reasons but in a practical way, this worth does not seem to be respected or protected. What seems to matter is money, power, and status.

This is just an observation of my own experience and isn’t even how I personally feel the way things should be. But I can’t help but acknowledge that this is the reality I am living in when I see the way the world works. I don’t see these cosmic forces at work while the rich keep getting richer and the weak are continuously oppressed. I have to be missing something.

So this month we are going to be exploring the beginnings of these ideas, not just in a cosmic and metaphysical way ( though we will do that also) but in a practical and economical way as well. Selfishly, I hope this will bring some clarity to my own understanding, but along the way, I hope we are able to inspire new thinking in the minds of you all as well.


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