Desire: Temptation, Curiosity, Lust

In many cultures we are taught to avoid desire, to try and transcend it. I do believe there are moments of transcendence available to us, but the human experience is not only spiritual but physical. To address this physical experience we must also fuel our bodies, and in doing so we must accept our desires. I wanted to spend a little time investigating these inclinations, these underlying motivations that propel us in irrational directions.

Romance, and cravings, all use similar language to explore food and sexual desire, and in both cases we speak of  “appetite” as a descriptor. But if food is a necessity, why not sex? It doesn’t have to be an immediate provision of nutrition in order to be necessity, it need only deliver some for of sustenance.

We recognize there is a healthy way to consume food, and an unhealthy way to consume food. I also imagine that there is an unhealthy way to engage in sex as well. There is nothing avoidable about the desires of the flesh for as long as we inhabit bodies. So if this is to be a part of life, I rather seek understanding than avoid it as some how nefarious.”

This month we will perhaps begin to untangle somethings about what propel us to explore the unknown. From pick up a rock to see what is underneath, to swiping right on a person we think is attractive, lust, curiosity, and temptation are as inseparable as mind, body, and soul.


Thank you for indulging me,



Director, Citizens Of Culture



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