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Citizens Of Culture is a 501c3 non profit organization that uses arts and media to develop critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and combat resource inequity. Our research is focused on exploring social possibilities through cultural creation, and investigation.

We provide life skills education programs, facilitate emotional support  &  financial literacy groups, produce contentand host gatherings on a free or pay what you can basis from our gallery and community space in Chinatown, Los Angeles.  Our training and services are based on our social research findings in partnership with established professionals in the fields of sociology, psychology, philosophy, mathematics, technology, and art.

Our work is done to equip under resourced communities and artists with the skills and tools to improve their quality of life. In addition, our programs provide coaching, education, and accountability to those who might benefit from resource disparity to labor and invest in social sustainability.

For corporate partners, our fee for service programs offers strategy consulting, ethics and sustainability training, event production, and organizational culture development.


To create is the greatest act of freedom.

For inquiries, donations, or collaborations contact


-Citizens Of Culture-



  1. LeBlanc

    I enjoyed the post on Sasha Formoso. I enjoyed the look. I read the About section and instantly fell in love. 😉 Feel free to visit my blog and follow me on twitter at 😉


  2. Michaela

    i love all your topics! i love this blog. very beautiful in every way. i will always visit…

  3. Presscott

    Are you a writer by trade as well. I loved your piece on London and I love a lot of the other blogs you’ve written. If you write I would love to talk to you about my art project.

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