Citizens Of Culture is a community and conscious media platform that aims to inspire passionate individuals to take an active role in the shaping of the future. We highlight individual and organizational culture centers that are doing what they can to make the city a better place.

At the center of our content is the belief that we can only affect sustainable change by addressing issues from a holistic standpoint. We engage in discussions about the arts, social issues, and economics but also personal topics like relationships, and body image, spanning the gambit of our society’s concerns and the notions at the core of our culture. We believe that changing hearts and minds begins with changing what we talk about and how relevant information moves through our social circles.

Citizens of Culture offers event programming, facilitates workshops, and from time to time may even throw a good ol’ fashioned PARTY. By connecting the people and places in a meaningful way we solidify the bond between the coffee shop and the soccer mom, by shedding a light on both emerging and established talent we inform and inspire.

By connecting with each other and dissecting our individual concerns  we build relationships and share ideas that allow us to move forward collectively, with our own identities still intact, affording us all a more rich and cultured experience.

The LA Renaissance begins now.

-Citizens Of Culture-


Language Arts editor, Natalie Patterson is a poet and teaching artist. She maintained the seat of producer at Da Poetry Lounge for 7 years and is now teaching in high schools, colleges, and private group work.




Def Sound  is a music dealer (DJ) and recording artist that peddles his unique brand of hop-hop on the farthest corners of the Milky-Way Galaxy. He is our resident music guru and can pick out your favorite song, just by staring into your eyes.




Christopher Captain is a fashion photographer and photojournalist that hails from LA. And is a firm believer in the idea that ” we are all family”. When he is not shooting content for Citizens of Culture he is the studio manager at Box 8 Studios.


Emily Twombly  is a spitfire with a soft side. Catch her spinning records at El Prado or selling them to you at Origami Vinyl.



Maceo Paisley  is an entrepreneur and founder of Citizens Of Culture. His company, Paisley Sockwear is a bold, conscious sock solution for creatives just like himself.