Citizens Of Culture is a non-profit 501c3  arts and culture organization specializing in art, media, events, and community development programs. Our aim is to inspire passionate individuals to take an active role in shaping the future. We use culture-hacking and behavioral psychology to create opportunities for attendees of our engagements to reflect on their identities and actions while exploring themes that are culturally informed and socially responsible.

For clients we offer event programming, marketing strategy consulting, workshops, and from time to time may even throw a good ol’ fashioned party. By connecting people and organizations in a meaningful way we solidify the bond between the coffee shop and the soccer mom, by shedding a light on both emerging and established themes in culture we inform, inspire, and influence.

To create is the greatest act of freedom.

For inquiries, information, or to become a contributor contact editors@citizensofculture.com


-Citizens Of Culture-