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Grief Practice – 2hr session – $25
Sunday, March 11th, 530pm




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– Course Description:

Whether coming to terms with different professional outcomes than what we’ve expected or the end of a long-term relationship, we need a process which helps us identify the losses we experience regularly as a method to helping identify hidden smaller griefs in our lives and major losses (like the death of someone beloved. It can be difficult to access grief if we haven’t experienced death, but we’ve all done some grieving in our lives.  For those dealing with a significant loss it’s easy to spot. This is a studio for addressing loss, large and small.

In this workshop, we discuss the different losses of identity that come along with grief and adjusting to new normals in the face of loss. When people can identify the shifts in identity that occur often in society as practice for greater loss they can recognize that something within them has also died–for example the shifts in identity that come with puberty, employed to unemployed, single to partnered, partnered to single, social trauma, and of course death of those close to us. With all these shifts grief can appear, even when they are joyous occasions.

Class size will be limited to 17 and confidentiality commitments will be made to protect the privacy of each participant.

In this workshop we practice:

  • How to identify and access grief
  • How to adjust to shifts in outcome
  • How to prepare for significant transitions
  • How to express things sentiments that were left unsaid

About ORCHESTRA  Life Studio:

Bringing together the expertise of psychologist, global perspectives on sociology, economics, and culture, and drawing upon Citizens Of Culture’s unique ability to cultivate safe-emotional spaces for learning and sharing, our workshops will help you craft new habits and perspectives to guide your life.



Lead Facilitator:

Alua Arthur is a lawyer, end of life consultant, and specialist in death midwifery. She consults and supports families preparing for, and experiencing loss through her practice Going With Grace.  They create a comprehensive end of life plans that are suited to an individual’s unique humanhood—a true expression of their life and the experiences they cherish.

5:15p    Doors Open
5:30p    Session Begins
6:30p    Break
7:30p  Session Ends

Nous Tous Gallery
943 N Broadway st
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(behind Bruce Lee statue next to Grand Star Jazz Club)

Sign-Up for Grief Practice plus for one-on-one counseling sessions with Alua in addition to the course.

We also run an Educational Partner Program that provides grief counseling program taught in public and charter schools for youth, and college age students.

 Grief Practice Cohort
Grief Practice Cohort
Location :

 GP Class + 1 on 1 Counseling (4) Sessions
GP Class + 1 on 1 Counseling (4) Sessions

If you are interested in taking this class but can not afford the full tuition, financing and pay-what-you-can options are available.