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We work with communities, individuals, and businesses to create points of critical reflection to how we collaborate. High performers need the right context to deliver the best results. In groups, help design culture from scratch to support effective work environments.

Our approach is based in the concept of community practice, the development of intentional, ethos and outcome-based group dynamics that support individuals to be fully participatory and engaged in collaboration by identifying and affirming their personal contribution. This includes practices of organizational development, conflict management, and policy recommendations.

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Objective Oriented Strength-Based Operational Methodologies (OOSOM pronounced “awesome”), clarify the intentions of team efforts and leverage their motivators to generate cultures that are highly optimized and have high morale, based on what they are already doing well.

We work on event specific interventions and long-term process development for creativity & innovation, team performance, and diversity, inclusion & belonging (DIB).

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1) Philosophy

Elevate the dialogue
Investigate Track Record & History
Frame Intentions & Scope

2) Research

Gather Perspectives
Identify the concerns
Clarify conflicts
Envision Ideals

3) Innovation

Establish Roadmap
Engage stakeholders in solutions
Make Operational Recommendation
Facilitate collaboration


Everywhere there are people, there are conflicts, compromises, and communication issues. These stressors can make an already difficult practical problem impossible to solve. Whether we are discussing how to improve a community or how to increase revenue, clearing the foreground of these human-centered obstacles saves time and resources.


Diversity & Inclusion is Really About Similarity and Exclusion

Curated Communities Are The New Segregation


Selected Works

Access & Inclusion Case Study
Conference & Events Company Increasing Access:

In order to increase access and diversity to a world class leadership and innovation event. We designed and facilitated the development of a fellowship program that identified and screened applicants based on a rating scale, and committee selection process that resulted in over 40 qualified recipients to participate in a series of events, including mentorship and leadership development from diverse global  socio-economic backgrounds.




Social Sustainability Consulting Case Study:
Real Estate Investment Firm Seeks To Address Gentrification:

Citizens Of Culture was hired as a cultural consultant to advise a real estate investment firm on creating socially responsible business practices that affect marketing, strategic investments, and operations. Through one on one coaching, qualitative social research, and community events we influenced the business’s outlook on how they do business adopting a public a ethics and values statement to be adopted by their company and 5% of annual revenues donated to local community programs.





Community Programs Case Study:
Racial Trauma Therapy Support for Americans of African Descent

V.E.N.T. (Verbalizing Emotional Needs Together) is a 10-week closed group therapy session produced by Citizens Of Culture and facilitated by family therapists Brittany Richardson (ASCW) and Sakeena Hakim (LSCW), that meets once a week to create empathy & healing as a community. This is delivered by open sharing, journaling, and instruction.


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Cultural Literacy Programs:
To improve our interactions we aim to provide spaces that examine how we show up in society and how our shared ethics inform our behaviors. We host various social experiments aimed at highlighting the places in our culture most sensitive to our values. By assessing these, we are able to better understand the environment.

Today at Apple presentation, of the Complexity Game on connection between emotions and decision-making in collaboration.