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“Trauma is not culture.”


V.E.N.T. is an community based group for members of African Diaspora focused on navigating and healing our community from the implicit and explicit effects of institutionalized racism.

To respond to Safer at Home and social distancing state mandates, V.E.N.T. has moved to virtual sessions Thursday’s 7pm EST/4pm PST via ZOOM. Register for details.


This interactive class combines pyscho-education on cognitive behavioral therapy, generational trauma, and attachment theory with the stories and experiences of the group to explore and understand the lasting effects of generational trauma. From this understanding and shared experiences we create healthy coping mechanisms and self care to heal from the symptoms created by institutionalized racism.

In addition to the blatant and subtle racism experienced in LA every day people of color juggle relationships, careers, self-care, and trying to “make it” in an unforgiving and fickle city. Words like “tough” and “stressful” barely scratch the surface of what it feels like to be black in this country. Research tells us how this stress can impact our physical and mental health, but we are still often confused about the best ways to deal with the issues that have plagued us for generations.   



Brittany currently practices in South LA working with at risk families through California Hospital. Additionally, she is active in the community volunteering for various organization in and around Los Angeles County. She created her own “Know Your Rights, LA” panel series focused on educating youth and the community about their legal rights and responsibilities when interacting with the police. She also founded the V.E.N.T. support group, creating a safe space for individuals to connect over shared experiences and provide comfort, encouragement and advice.



Sakeenah Hakim, LCSW has almost 10 years of Social Work experience. She currently serves as the Director of Behavioral Health at UMMA Community, heads her private practice Tranquil Core, and serves as Executive Director of the AZ Hakim Foundation. Her years of clinical social work experience include servicing clients with life experiences such as: foster care, domestic violence, medical social work/hospice, children & families affected by incarceration, trauma, and crisis case management. She has an ongoing passion for helping others and making an impact in the community through volunteering and other outlets of community service.


In cooperation with Citizens of Culture, this group is facilitated by Brittany Richardson, LCSW and Sakeenah Hakim, LCSW. To register, please email or call Brittany at