The NEW look of American Apparel

We all know American Apparel for the hoodies and the boys underwear and the sexy ads but American Apparel is growing up, growing sexier, and growing classy.

Check out this ad, circa 2004.

The old standard: Socks,undies,sexy pose.

See Now: Lace,hosiery, sex appeal

Not just socks and simples anymore. They are still the nations pioneer in quality basics but there is something brewing at that LA factory, a maturation.

The change is apparent in their line and advertisements. The company seems dedicated to preserving the place they have created for themselves. Always bold, sweatshop free, and remaining relevant to the climate of today. They have made their statements and gotten our attention and now American Apparel is settling into who they are in their environment.

Ironically not unlike their shoppers and even staff. The sales team in the stores understand the importance of  brand image. At their retail locations you’ll see employees that look like they could be models, some of them are.  Their styles are great for casual wear, nightlife, and AA basics remain perfect lounging and athletics.

On women, printed dresses, interesting fabrics and detailing.

On men, collared shirts and slacks , great shorts and cardigans.

Young innovative, fashionable basics.

The new American Classic is American Apparel.



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