Lust: Ricoh 35 ZF

This camera isn’t very expensive but it is pretty rare.

I have only been able to find one for sale in Australia. It was only $32USD

I left it there for some lucky bloke to snatch up.

You should check it out.

She is beautiful.

How can you disagree?

Pictures by David Donnadieu

  • Type: viewfinder camera
  • Films: 35mm
  • Lens: Rikenon f 2.8 / 40mm
  • Shutter: Ricoh, Speeds 1/8 – 1/500 sec + B
  • Focusing: manual focusing
  • Exposure Control: manual shutter speed selection, aperture controlled by CdS meter or manually
  • Dimensions: 111mm x 71mm x 56mm
  • Weight: 400 g

Manufactured in Taiwan 1976

Sample images…


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