Tamir Rock: RVA’s finest

In the capitol city of Richmond, VA there is a small following of Hip Hop as it was before the glitz and the chains, before the ice and the liquor. This following is lead by a man who claims he brings the best of the best. He brings ROCK.

Tamir Rock is  screaming guitars and pulsing drums standing beside real lyricism. The music demands to be turned up, and the live show makes you feel more alive than you could have ever. Your body becomes its own mosh pit and you don’t know whether to bob your head or bang it. Tracks ” The Music”switch tempo from anthemic choruses to verses with percussive cross rhythms that become their own instrument. Contact: Upsides Management for booking and album “The Young and Restless”






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  • joshua broadie says:

    just thought i’d let it be known i agree tamir is most def the finest emc ive heard maybe even my personal top 3 period be it ric or any where and thats real

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