Golden Lucille by Christina Rose Tran

Sunny days are great to share with lovely young ladies that are building clothing lines. It’s not always about the experience or the training sometimes it is about the ambition and the drive to see your ideas come to life. Christina is a 20 yr old designer who is doing just that. Golden Lucille is born.


CRT has only had one class in sewing. She does all the design and production, measures by eye sight. I am intrigued by how her voice doesn’t ever raise above a mellow tone but she seems to have an unquenchable thirst to get her work to the runway.She has started 2 months ago with the goal of creating 10 looks for her show and now has 8. “It doesn’t even have to be sold necessarily. This is art.”, she says.


I have to say I am little inspired. I think the average 20 year old is just waiting to turn 21 or walking around the mall with her boyfriend eating a Wetzel. I think that drive is the epitome of Golden Lucille philosophy.  P9170110-1She is inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras and has influences like Alexander McQueen and Chanel.

On this particular day she is getting ready to shoot some pieces for her website, in the other room a model is being primped with hair and make-up for the upcoming shoot which Christina will also be doing.

Christina interrupts our shoot  a few times to direct the hair and make-up of the model, tinker with her lip gloss, and scrutinize a few of her finished creations.

She strikes me as someone who always has more going on in their head than they are saying. She picks up her camera and turns the tables. Taking pictures of me as I am of her. “I like the lighting in here.” that makes two of us.


After our shoot she heads over to finish up with the hair and make up, if its one thing she knows it is exactly what it should all look like when it’s done.As if she has seen it all before, if only in her head.

Christina is manifesting her ideas into reality and that is all any artist strives to do. She makes clothes she loves to wear , ruffles, drapery, satiny fabrics that lend themselves to the fantasy in life. I feel like she believes in not only herself but believes in believing as well.

Taking chances and facing challenges is not so easy. With little formal training but hours behind the Singer machine Golden Lucille is a testament to what you can accomplish when you buckle down and put the work in. It isn’t always going to be fun and it isn’t alwys going to be pretty but you keep your goals in focus and one day it will be.

Fun, pretty and golden.

Christina Rose Tran is a Do-It-Yourself designer who wants things done right and knows who to call on for the work. Keeping it all in house and making sure things happen, motivated and driven Golden Lucille has a bright future ahead.

♪♫ “Lucille come back where you belong, I’m beggin’ to you baby, please don’t leave me alone.”  ♫ ♥

Christina can be found on , facebook at her blog and the Golden Lucille site (under const).



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