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If you’ve seen my latest photographic aquisition then you have a small taste of the kinds of items you can find in LA’s newest retailer. Future has a new home in Echo Park  at 1814 Sunset, right next to Origami Vinyl. I was lucky enough to be invited to Part Two of their opening ceremonies gathering..There was no shortage of wine and PBR to get you nice and cozy with the people and garments.

Think 90’s babes in matte heels and boots. The kind of girls that speak multiple languages and don’t really look like they have jobs. The place was filled with them. I loved the ambience of the store and I snagged some old school “Yo MTV Raps” Trading cards. Not just great gear but also some vintage artifacts that will add personality to any space. I saw an old brick Gameboy, VHS tapes , VCR, and a few old Playboy Magazines that may have been stolen from someone’s older brother in ’92. When  DJ, Josh Casto is spinning classics all night it is hard to stay focused on shopping but the ripe selection of merch in Future get’s you right back on track. I grazed my hand, not only over some choice vintage finds but, sweet labels like Corpus, Cheap Monday, and Alternative Apparel. If only I didn’t have to pay rent I would have gotten so much more than the Polaroid camera I showed you guys  not-to-long ago. It’s not just cool American stuff either, Future is crossing over a few  international brands, one of which is Lazy Oaf, whom Future happens to be the only stockist of in  the US . Who needs the pompous validation of American labels when you can wear  well-crafted threads from England or Austrailia? The party spills into the street as the evening roars on. I kept thinking of all the ways I could play on the name of the shop. If you’ve never been to the Future make sure you swing by . I am making a point to go back to the Future. If your’e looking for some neat conversation pieces or to start dressing a little better or get your friends to stop making fun of your lackluster garb, this is the place. Its a great shopping experience and you’d be in with a great group of people to be part of their clientele in part, because of the location. Echo Park is a hot bed of art and culture in Los Angeles and  favorite alternative to the Hollywood bourgeoise. I still have to get back down there be cause I want the green Dr. Marten’s I saw there for a price to low to tell on the internet. Part of me is even reluctant to publish this as I feel I am giving away what should be a secret find.Selfish as I may be this is too good a location to keep to myself. If you like that “stylish on accident” look, stop in some time and chat with the staff. When they aren’t helping you pick out a garment they make great conversation and could teach you a few things about the world. I’d wager  to say all the ladies in the store are babes; shoppers and staff alike. Yet another reason to stop in but in the great words of Levar Burton,” you don’t have to take my word for it”. Pop in yourself and see what Future is like. I’ll probably be there trying on shoes that I saw on shoe hero.  Men’s and Women’s clothes, shoes, accessories and more. It’s enough to add some flavor to your wardrobe and get out of those cheesy outfits everyone is too kind to tell you are crap. The Future is now.Join in.

Future’s blog:  futurelovesyou.blogspot.com



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