10 Reasons Why You Are Not Allowed In My Bed Any More

By Yesika Starr

I grew tired of tying my shadow to your heel
before you disappeared through my window.

Orgasms feel so much better
with direct eye contact

I learned that you sacrificed nothing
by putting up with my weight
but I was the martyr for dealing with your
Dorito’s and stale cigarette breath

there are more positions than doggy style

you never read
the love notes
tucked into
my flesh

I am not in the habit of sleeping with men I do not know
and nine years into this carnal complicity
you no longer are the smiling boy I once adored.

if I wanted to feel like
I gave everything I had to someone who
did not know what to do with it
I would go to Church more often.

I am the moon and you forgot to act accordingly

the last time I held you I thought of jelly fish

I love your memory too much to allow you to soil it.
please stop knocking on my window late nights

I am the moon

I am full.

No thank you

I have had enough.


2 responses to “10 Reasons Why You Are Not Allowed In My Bed Any More”

  1. Florence Avatar

    love this so much, want to blow it up and put it on my wall so the words will be engrained in my subconcious.

  2. No. 7 is my favorite.

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