Gas’d Trunk Show

What if you could have been there when Microsoft was started? What if you could have been sitting at the table with Bill Gates when he decided to make the first version of Windows operating system? What if you were there when they opened the doors of their first office? How would it have felt just to have seen it happen over the years? If you can grasp that feeling then you will  know how I feel.

Gas’d Apparel is a very young brand. But with youth comes blazing passion, energy, and boundless potential. It’s not every day I get the impression from an organization that they are going to change the world. I get that feeling from Gas’d. They held an amazing event at P Boutique on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. A trunk show, that is to say they took over the entire shop and made it into an all Gas’d gallery. Artwork from the team was displayed on the walls and music from Afta-1 bounced off of them.

This is Hollywood so needless to say the place was filled with beautiful women, stylish men, and drinks flowed freely, but Gas’d brought something else to The Strip that night. They brought a genuine desire to enlighten and unite us as a people. If it is one thing its founder, Imani Waddy, understands it is money is not the goal. “This is not about money”, he explains, “This is about love , like real love. Not boy girl ‘marry me’ type shit, but HUMAN LOVE”  I talk to him and the rest of his team and he sounds like a philosopher “Love is the most powerful force on the planet.”   It strikes me that maybe he is just using theses mere shapes and colors to say something much bigger. That maybe all the components we need to be satisfied in our lives are common and recognizable. Simple and basic these things like the shapes, are all around us everywhere we go and we never realize their power.

With this kind of mindset flowing through out a group of people they would already be some folks to look out for, but the quality of the product is great as well. Its not just rhetoric, its not just ideas, the philosophy is backed by work and dedication, as displayed by the night’s success. I was impressed and inspired to change even my own view on things. If ever you heed my words now is the time, keep and eye out for Gas’d. Its not, art, its not fashion,Gas’d is LOVE.

event photos by Imani Waddy


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  1. This is the philanthropic of please that makes the internet great.

  2. This record is a gem So pleased as punch I start it

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