New Year’s With The Stupid3ous Dorks and Will.I.AM

The Supid3ous Dorks are like family. Over the course of 2009 I have seen them progress as a collective and as young men. Things change so rapidly in the climate of Los Angeles that it s tough to keep up with all the stories and adventures of these guys. The opportunity presented itself to accompany the young esquires on there experience of New Year’s Eve in one of the most exciting cities in the world. It was a night to remember to say the least.

I got a call at 11:30 on December 30th that said ” Wanna go to Vegas?!” Knowing it was Dork Dozier, I was already on board for the trip whether it meant we had to drive hike or crawl the city of lights. Dozier is one of the most energetic people I have had the experience of meeting. He is an excited puppy in a world of new things to be curious about. He barks, howls, and growls, when the cirumstance is fitting and sometimes when its not.

Whenever I am around this guy I know there is going to be a party. Started, finished, or otherwise catalyzed by his energy charisma and talent. He is a socialite in the truest form. Friendly intelligent and entertaining. New Year’s Eve is the the biggest party night of the year and I might as well be in the graces of the biggest party-er I know in the biggest part city on the planet. Destination: Las Vegas , but that part of the equation was solved already. We had travel arrangements booked within minutes and all we had to do was figure out what we were going to wear. If you have ever seen any of the Dorks then you know their signature style. Out-spoken and eclectic are words that spring to mind. 10 hours later we were comfortably positioned in our seats on the plane. 90 minutes after departure we were greeting the RCS of London chauffeur service, and heading into our limousine. Traveling with the Dorks is an experience all itself eyes glued to us as we walked the terminal, people trying to figure out exactly who we were or where we were headed. “Cookie” the producer of the group, is more than accommodating to strangers. Stopping to talk and take pictures with people who show interest while the manger, Square is focused and determined on getting to where we need to be on time. It seemed like every time we look around someone couldn’t find Dame (Dame Fifty-Five), I call him the rogue dork because he is always of doing his own thing, most likely chasing a skirt.

Pulling up to the Mandalay Bay is a sight all itself, the lobby is expertly designed and decorated with shark tank, menagerie, and atrium ceilings that kiss the heavens. Except that is not where we were staying. As luxurious as the main part of the Mandalay Bay is, still it was unfitting for such esteemed guests as the Stupid3ous Dorks. We found that instead we would be resting out heads at THE Hotel, a boutique stay experience adjacent to the Mandalay offering state of the art amenities, gourmet room service and VIP concierge. After dropping our bags in our respective suites it hit us that no one had eaten all day.
The phone rings and be fore we can properly thing straight the whole focus of the day changes. We are not heading up to the top of the building to rendezvous with who has become like an uncle to the Dorks. We stroll the hallway and lounging in front of an Xbox 360 is the front man of the biggest band in the world, Will.I.AM from the Black Eyed Peas. He greets the Dorks like family, we sit and the atmosphere is casual and familiar. I feel like I am shooting the breeze with lifelong friends. We detail our arrival and Will shows genuine concern for how we feel about our rooms and travel arrangements. We listen to stories and  look at pictures of the groups that were to later become the Black Eyed Peas. Will chronicles member changes, sound changes, style changes. hiccups and hurdles that are all part of the business. I realize I am amidst an intimate moment of education an sharing as all the Dorks listen to Will.I.AM and Dante, another crucial member of the BEP camp , pour knowledge from their lips. I gather that the moral of the stories is to have good people surrounding as you reach for success and as hard as it may be you have to shed those that would bring you down. It is a special moment between all the jokes and stories when that message really hits home for the Dorks as the undergo the changes in their own group.

In front of me I see the future and present of eclectic music and vanguard presence in the entertainment industry. So many parrallels between the Black Eye Peas and the Stupid3ous Dorks become apparent and the whole trip even begins to seem symbolic. As we begin this new year and new decade is it possible that this is in some way a taste, for the young creatives, of what lies ahead? Or even a challenge to maintain the focus and drive to attain it. We all take a moment to reflect on that possibility and as the moment sets into our minds we all hear the same word in our heads.

“FOOD”, we still haven’t eaten and dinner is around the corner so we dash back to our rooms for a quick wardobe change and bounce to the back exit of THE Hotel where two stretch limos await. We pile in with, models, record execs. and CEOs to make a few connections on the short ride to LAX Nightclub at Luxor. After dinner we party until the clock tolls 2010 and party some more. Square meets a nice lady to ring in the New Year with and once again Dame is no where to be found. The night ends with Dork Dozier and my self roaming the streets looking for that last drip of party until we crash into one of the suites and cheers over gourmet room service. If this is any indication of 2010, this year is going to be a life changer for the Dorks and hopefully for myself as well. It was the most fun I had any New Year and I spent it with great people in a great place, making great memories. There are tons of details I am surely leaving out but I think you just may have to spend new year with me to see how we roll at COC.

Thanks to the Stupid3ous Dorks , the whole Black Eyed Peas camp , and Will.IAM

Happy New Year  to all.


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  1. So this is what happens in Vegas

  2. dame always pulls the “MIA” move.
    nice write up!
    much love to the dorks and their journey in 2110..

  3. Thank you for sharing this information with all of us, I have been looking around for this info, thanks to the admin..

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