Women by Youssef G

She was everything I thought I would ever want, to ever want, to ever want…

She said the perfect words, whenever I needed to hear her speak.

And was perfectly silent, whenever I needed to hear her smile.

She finished my thoughts, with actions.

And she sinned me closer to god.

Her walk rhymed

Her hair danced

Her eyes saw a better me into fruition

She created every time she was in my presence

And every few minutes, I would thank her

Just in case there was something I missed.

It was love at first sight, of the day

Each day

I swear it’s like I wrote you into existence

…because I did.

It’s easy to fall in love with the girl in your poems!!!

You wrote her!

She’s not real!

If you were a poem, I could easily love you.

If you were a song I wrote, then maybe you would finally be stuck in my head

If you were a joke, I’d tell you whenever I got nervous or felt awkward,

If you were a story, you would be my legacy…

But you’re none of those things,

You’re a girl, with all these other plans…

I’m tired of falling in love with questions,

Only to be let down by there answers…

Why act mysterious if you have nothing to reveal?

I’m tired of impressing you, until you lose my attention.

Is it too much to ask that my wife, my muse, and my mistress, all be the same woman?

How lucky are you that this is just a poem you’re hearing, and not one you’re sharing

You were simply an idea; you died, when I thought you

Died again when I wrote you

And now a third time as I speak you

I can write about you all day, but at the end of the day…

All I’ve done is lie, and wait.

You keep throwing me Faberge feelings

Like I’m supposed to know who they’re meant for…

If you weren’t so fiction, I’d be much more enthusiastic

Less inclined to laugh when you say, I’m not like the other girls…

Just like the other girls do.

I would take you much more serious, if I haven’t met you before time and time again

I won’t be so quick to run blindfolded around in your china soul

Breaking things and laughing

Demand my equilibrium away from me, and maybe you’ll have my attention.

You were supposed to be the one riddle I was in no rush to solve…

My Snapple fact.

I see you when the moon looks too big to be real.

You were supposed to help my change the world,

Or at the very least change my world

But instead you will always be great literature, wastefully read by a scientist

Or a beautiful algorithm wastefully attempted by a poet

I’ve written all these rules and stipulations…

But to be honest, I’m waiting for the girl with a canon for a voice, who hurricanes into my life and gently whispers “no, this is what you look for, in a woman.”

Youssef G appears courtesy of www.bestthingssaid.com


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