A Rainy Night With Two Lovers

Aimee Arquiza Pagiuo and Nathaniel Joshua Perales are two young people in love.

She doodles her first name with his last name. He knows all the places where she is ticklish.

She remembers that he bought a pink and purple V-neck from her job the day they met in November. He remembers that she was the prettiest girl in the store.

How did you meet?

Aimee: The day we met he kept asking me weird questions… really creepy stuff. I thought he was so weird.

Nathaniel: I saw her at the register and I was smitten.

Aimee: I was fixing some V-necks hanging on a clothing rack.

Nathaniel:I went up to her and just started talking to her.

Did you like each other right away?

Aimee:For about 3 months he asked me out for dinner. I said no every single time.

Nathaniel: So everyday… well more like every couple days, I’d kinda go in there and you know…stalk her.

Aimee: For a time he came in [to my store] every day to ask me out. I’d have to hide in the back of the store.

Nathaniel: I  knew if we hung out she’d find me attractive in some way.

Aimee: I’d lie to him and say I didn’t have a phone.

Nathaniel: I just needed a shot, but she wouldn’t really give me the time.

Aimee:  He  eventually warmed up to my coworkers and they persuaded me to give him a shot.

Nathaniel: I just wanted to get to know her.

What was your first date?

Aimee: He wanted to take me to dinner but I said lunch only.I had a boyfriend.

Nathaniel: They had a terrible relationship. He would just break up with her randomly.

Aimee: If a girl only wants to have lunch with you, you’re in the friend zone.

What about the first time you kissed or had sex?

Nathaniel: After they broke up she started inviting me to her house.

Aimee: It was everything that would happen in the movies… so natural and organic.

Nathaniel: She asked me to come over one night.

Aimee: It was the day after he took me to breakfast.

Nathaniel: She answered the door in a T-shirt and underwear, I was like, “Oh, Okay… awesome!”

Aimee: Now I’m wifey status.

Nathaniel: We started making out. From the living room we went upstairs to her bedroom.

Aimee: It  is actually going to be 2 years on the 26th of January.

Nathaniel: I totally skipped over breakfast. Oh man!


Somewhere in the middle is what actually happened.
They allowed me to step into their relationship and document what their life is like.

Nathaniel does the dishes when Aimee cooks. ( She likes to cook.)

After diner they’ll watch TV or just enjoy each other’s company.

The retreat to the bedroom where Nathaniel  works on some photos, Aimee reads and plays with her phone.

Lights out. They change for bed and end the night affectionately.

Aimee and Nathaniel kiss a lot, but I never felt imposed upon by their displays. They have a bond that you can tell is close knit but still very inviting. Being in their presence doesn’t leave you out like a 3rd wheel or spectator. Nothing seemed forced, faked, or uneven. Aimee smiles incessantly when she talks about him, and Nathaniel seems to daydream every time he says her name.

As any young couple they worry about finances and their future, when they will have kids, and plan on traveling the world together. I’ve never experience such a loving relationship that I wasn’t a member of. If their future is together is half as bright as it seems, it will be a love that rivals those in movies.


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