“Hello” by Lionel Richie

Released in 1984 , Bob Giraldi directed the video for ” Hello.” In it, Lionel Richie plays a music teacher in love with his blind student. Creepy.

Lionel Richie – Mr. Reynolds

Laura Carrington – Blind girl

The first thing I notice is that she doesn’t make a believable blind person.
What is she smiling about?

Lionel must have a great schedule to afford him the free time to follow her through the halls and into all of her classes.
Does no one else notice he is stalking her?

She is the most popular person on campus… Really?

She is a blind sculpture artist. Okay, sure but how is it that she does a near perfect  representation of his face and hair?
She must have felt it all be fore.

I like Lionel Ritchie but this video creeps me out. I think they do actually belong together be cause he is a stalker and she is a crazy artist that does clay forms of a man she has never seen.

Lionel’s character stares off into the distance more than a couple times in the video. I think he is either emulating her behavior or he is just daydreaming about here when she is still in the room. Interesting concept but the execution was inappropriate to say the least.

Lionel Richie is a legendary artist and is currently signed to Island Records.


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