Eyita Gaga: Very Different

Upon first sight I thought Eyita was a professional artist or musician. That was my first misjudgment about her, and certainly not my last. I spent a Sunday Morning with her, attempting to capture her in a specific light. I didn’t think I had succeeded. Maybe the first word that comes to mind when I think of her is mischievous.

If she sees a squirrel, she chases it, if she see’s a pretty car, she has to look inside, if there is a stray ladder leaning on the side of a building, Eyita is inspired to climb it and see what is on the other side.¬†All I wanted her to do was stand around looking pretty for these pictures.Eyita’s name must be an action word. I won’t say too much about her style except for the fact that I love it. She is so much more than that I’d have to detail a separate post to convey it all. Take a look see at Eyita in a few moments when I was able to catch her still.

I think at the time I was so focused on portraying her the way I saw her, that I didn’t allow myself to see who she actually is. I spent the morning trying to figure her out and at the end of it all Eyita is the kind of person that you don’t need to understand to enjoy. And enjoy her , I do. Thank you Eyita for reconfirming my love for photography and people.




  • April 12, 2010

    Joe Nici

    You’re right on the money with this post, keep it up!

  • May 6, 2012

    ndifor eleves

    she is a very nice person when you get to know her.

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