Pink’s est. 1939

Do you like hot dogs? Do you like them bad enough to wait in line for 2 hours for one? Even if your answer is ‘No’ there are plenty of people who will answer ‘Yes’ to this question if it is a hot dog from Pink’s. I pass the corner of La Brea at least 4 or 5 times a month. Almost every time I do, there is a line of people snaking around the building and into the parking lot. I always wondered what all the fuss was about. This past weekend I was able to find out exactly that. I’d say it is a combination of a few things. For one, Pinks is in a very popular area, the hot dog shop would probably do well there even if it hadn’t become a Hollywood landmark or sorts. Pink’s has been in movies and is frequently visited by any number of celebrities.Pink’s also has tradition on it’s side, they are a family owned business and they have been in the same spot for over 70 years. If you are in Hollywood and you are looking for a hot dog, you won’t have to ask too many people before you are directed to Pink’s. Even with celebrities, and location,Pink’s wouldn’t have lasted with out great product. They serve delicious hot dogs, and chili dogs, all beef that are ready in minutes.To be honest, waiting in line isn’t bad at all. It may look daunting but it moves rather quickly and if it is your first time you are certainly held in suspense until you take that first bite. As soon as you have tasted the Pink’s hot dog, you may just hop right back in line again.

This is not a commercial, there is something else about Pink’s that may not be noticeable to a lot of people that go there. It has nothing to do with the location, or the building, or even the food. The best thing about Pink’s is something you bring yourself. The whole Pink’s experience wouldn’t be the same without someone to stand in line with, try the first bite with, and someone to tell you that there is chili on your chin. Enjoying the California sun with my family could not be served. It is a special ingredient that caps the whole visit.

Thank you Pink’s, not only for creating a place where , not only hot dogs are served, but memories too.


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  1. Helen Keeling Avatar
    Helen Keeling

    Everyone should try it at least once, I did and it was mummm good.

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