Lebos: Lego Bowties By Jay Walker

No, they are not by the twins.

Strolling through the streets lined with secure pay by phone casinos of the Mandalay Bay I see a bright red bow tie staring at me, as I stared back at it. I thought my vision had pixelated and was blurred from the bright lights. To my surprise I was seeing clearly, a bow tie that looked like one that one of the Super Mario Brothers would own.

This might have been a street style post but I was being bad a blogger and did not have my camera on me.  I stopped the young man and asked him where he got the piece and he said, “I make them”. “So the rabbit hole goes deeper”, I thought. I didn’t have any cards, he didn’t have any cards so we had to do things the old fashioned way and just exchange numbers. This speaks to my philosophy of not trading business carrying cards around, if you really want to talk to someone you will save their number then and there.  I gave him my address and he sent me some  samples and being the daring fashionisto I am, I wore them. I got an overwhelming response; praise from all angles. The only negative was that I could not take credit for making them. So many people loved the red one I wish I were the one selling them.

It may not be the first time you have seen a fashion accessory made  out off legos but  it is still certainly an eye catching piece if you are bold enough to wear it.Be ready for the question, “Is that a bowtie made of legos?” I  took some pieces off so “XL Red” would fit my proportion a little better.I like to place this piece with a a milder outfit and let the bow tie do the work for me. Wearing the bow tie I feel like a kid again, drawing outside the lines, and dreaming big.

I like the multicolored version, named “Multi-Racial” because it really reminds me of the colors in a Cadillac emblem and I always want to keep it classy.

The Lebos are a great novelty piece and jay is a great guy. I’ll support any other toys/accessories he comes up with.

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  1. Thx for being innovative!

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