Roller Coasters Are A Cultural Experience

In this beautiful life of mine I may never have the opportunity to experience free flight. As sad as that may seem I feel privileged to say that through genius design and engineering I am able to see those heights in a controlled environment. This past weekend I was able to tour one of the world’s greatest roller coaster galleries in a very exclusive manner. This trip was not about cotton candy and taking pictures with cartoon characters but it was about rides. I was shown exclusive access to Six Flags Magic Mountain. VIP front of the line to all rides, descriptions of the concept and a brief history of roller coasters. Although I am not at liberty to disclose details as a member of the press I can tell you my personal thoughts and feelings about my experience.

I wouldn’t call my self a ‘thrill seeker’ but I certainly am a Culture Seeker. That is to say, I try to find a deeper relevance to what ever I am doing. In a roller coaster gallery or, theme park that deeper meaning hits you in the face. We register traveling at high speed as dangerous, that sends adrenaline through our blood and causes our heart rate to rise, senses are sharpened and we feel more alive. It is not so complicated but it is still very exciting. I find for some people, fear keeps them from trying on roller coasters so I took a section of video while I was on Riddler’s Revenge.

Aside from the experience of the ride you if you take an second to acknowledge what it took to create that experience you will be amazed at the design, concept, planning, and architecture of each coaster. Science, art, and theater, are all combined to create emotions that not only excite but entertain visitors of the park. Some rides have music, others, pyrotechnics , and yet others simulate flight. Tatsu, meaning ‘dragon’  in Japanese is my favorite roller coaster. It is unique in that it is the only ride in the world that holds your body parallel with the ground as you would be if you were soaring. The track is at your back and you spin and twirl freely at a dragon’s pace. I have never done anything like it and it was really something I will never forget. I liken it to sky diving but there were so many turns that even a free fall does not completely compare.

There is nothing like being hurled off a cliff  as the ground races towards you to put your life in perspective. Near death experiences always have a way of making you appreciate life. The “magic” of the mountain is that the brains behind the site have managed to recreate the sensation with out having you in very much harm at all. In fact, your trip to the the theme park by car will be exponentially more dangerous than any of the rollers coasters you are a passenger on. I could speak at length about these coasters and how I felt being in the park, I could take hundreds of pictures and never get you to the same place. I only wish to entice you to try these , and all things for yourself. Until you get the opportunity, I hope the content you find here holds you over.

Seek out culture, citizens.


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