Imagine a party. Except instead of appetizers you have bagels and instead of everyone being there to have fun, everyone is there to get things done.

GenJuice is a traveling networking tour aimed at bringing together Gen-Y entrepreneurs together so connections can me made.

They say,  “As long as one connection is made here, the event is a success.”

Multiple group discussions, guest speakers, and interaction with live online audience made this event a hit.

This is not a conference though, it is based on little more than the idea that if you put a bunch of intelligent creative people in a room together, some great things are bound to happen.

I was able to swing by their last leg in Los Angeles and I’d say that it was not only fun but productive.

I met a gentleman by the name of Angelo that I will be working with in the near future.

I also was able to learn a bit about the hosting venue, a community space I didn’t know was there and is pretty close to my home.

Each of the young ladies has their own mix of experience that makes GenJuice work but together they form a strong team that has thus far been unstoppable.

Though the tour has completed, check out their website and the relaunch of their platform later this year.

I will surely keep you posted.

Best wishes, to Danielle, Virgilia, and Arielle.

find genjuice on their website:

as well as facebook and twitter @meetgenjuice


2 responses to “GenJuice”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Maceo, and pitching at the event. I’m glad you met Angelo!

    (Random: I just noticed my height in those shoes! In my defense, they are 6 inches high.)

  2. I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s iprmseisng me! 🙂

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