the V is for delicious.


To be fair, one of the most beautiful people I have met in recent days heads the kitchen in the V Cafe. So my decision to stop in was not nearly random.  My visit was more of an investigation. What exactly is the ‘V’ for? I am always indecisive when I find a new food haven with an appetizing menu. V offers a fresh garden selection of salads and  sandwiches that range from a grilled shrimp salad to a BBQ beef sandwich. I  really was leaning toward the salmon but I wanted to see how veggie friendly this place was since there is a huge ‘V’ in the front. I got distracted by the name a bit and thought I’d try something from the menu that shared the title of its home. The ‘V’ Grilled Cheese  Panini seemed to be calling my name.

While I‘m waiting, I take a stroll around the shop, indulging in the sights of the place. I can’t focus at all, even while my food is being prepared I have to check out the deli fridge and all the distractions it has to offer. Above the fridge I find a cup of mint lemonade. I don’t really like mint but remember, I am investigating. So I order up on the mint-o-nade and I take a sip. It tastes like nothing I’ve ever had before but it is not bad at all. The drink is green but the mint is not too strong, two flavors swimming around each other like mating dolphins, except not. Back to the sights though, I almost buy a turkey croissant in the meantime but the smell of my grilled cheese kisses me on the nose and seduces me patient for a few more minutes. In the jars along the walls there are some market products; mustards, sauces, and some other things I can’t pronounce but they are no less fun to look at. Find out more at

Enough stalling, the sandwich was divine. I am near certain the secret ingredient was ambrosia. Three cheeses melted together in to a molten blend edging out flavor between onions and  peppers. If only the gods were so clever with the culinary arts the world would be a better place.

My eyes are closed now and I think I may be making noises but I am not ashamed. I am in the company of a friend and this sandwich has changed the circumstances and the standard for appropriateness is now different. It is only my trained pallet that reminds me to wash with the mint lemonade and start fresh with the experience of enjoying my plate. Still, I continue without a break until all evidence of a grilled cheese has been removed from the scene. I get up with a smile in my stomach, stretch, and hug the chef but it doesn’t feel like I’m getting special treatment.

My dish was so good I would have had the desire to hug the cook whether I had known them or not. Maybe it was the ambrosia or maybe it was just the atmosphere of the V Cafe that made the whole experience more delectable. The owner and staff were friendly and seemed genuinely interested in me as a person. It’s nice to feel that concern from anywhere servicing your appetite. The V Cafe is on Melrose Blvd  one block east of La Cienega. If you find yourself in west Los Angeles it might be good to do your own investigation.


Investigation concluded the V is for delicious.

V Cafe
8164 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90046-7013 – (323) 951-9577


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