Information Frequency Theory: information IS energy

A summary of my Information Frequency Theory.

Just as Energy can not be created or destroyed nor can Information.

That is to say that all the information that has ever existed in the universe still exists today and will continue to exist until the end of this universe.

The reason you don’t know everything there is to know is the same reason you still have a light bill.

Knowledge has to be harnessed.

Imagine knowledge functioning as waves and you need a certain type of radio to pick up certain frequencies: internal, external , and general (common).

The radio is your brain.

Subconsciousness (closed frequency):
Your thoughts are on a unique  internal frequency that only your own brain can pick up. This is why no one can know your thoughts unless you broadcast them (speak). Here you have deep rooted beliefs and fears, the concepts that determine your personality.

Midconsciousness (open/closed frequency):
All worldly knowledge is on a common frequency anyone can surf, ideas most people know and ideas that are socially accepted as factual.
Part of this information  forms your functioning pool of intellect on a blended internal and external frequency. These are ideas and concepts that you use everyday along with your general feelings about the world.

Supersconsciousness(open frequency):
The broadest  and highest  is an external frequency, open to any-and-everyone  but social ideas and concepts we internalize throughout our lives time can block our ability to recognize the information available. On this frequency you will find all the great answers; absolute truths, principles of civilization, and universal laws.

In order to acquire as much knowledge as possible you must access all frequencies and be able to interpret all the knowledge available. Just like dogs can hear, better than us and plants can harvest energy from direct sunlight. There are abilities that are gained from sharpening our skills at identifying information on all frequencies of consciousness. The more we can interpret and recognize, the greater our midconsciousness becomes and also the collective consciousness of everyone.

The theory dictates the principles but it is up to each of us to analyze and accept the information that we have access to and not “jam” our signals because of personal fear, or learned concepts of what is possible.

The first step is discovery, the next is application. Converting energy to power is a multi-billion dollar business. If you can apply all the knowledge you have discovered it immediately becomes just as valuable as energy and just as influential as power.

Knowledge is power, information is energy.

Have a happy harvest citizens.


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    Excellent piece. Complements my recent discoveries… Chirps…

    Me thinks I’m going to subscribe to this here place.

  2. Some genuinely superb blog posts on this site, thanks for contribution.

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