“Man” Video

Man: Courtesy of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Starring: Hazel Lenoir

I have gotten around to editing this  video finally after a few months from a photo shoot I did in spring.


In this scene we are attempting to reenact something  that took place in my apartment earlier this year.I had a guest company that was having a good time listening to music and enjoying a few toxic pleasures of the world. She didn’t mind freeing herself of her pants and undergarments and letting the mood and music take her on a ride.

Hazel captured the moment here with her acting ability and her looks commanded two cameras simultaneously.

I held the digital camera while I shot stills and left the video to roll along while I did so. Every few moments I would readjust it so that there would be more action in the shots.

Honestly there was a lot more raw footage that was shot but I was anew owner to the camera and did not record it all properly so I had to make due on this 1minute and 50 second song with only 2 minutes of raw footage.

It is unfortunate that I lost that tape but I am still pleased with what I was able to do with the resources at my disposal.

Here are some photos from the shoot.


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  1. i fucking love these!

  2. Lovely, but no Drea-be-baby.

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