Duo of Dimes : Dimepiece Designs

Ashley and Laura defy stigma.
In the world of start-up clothing lines there is  perhaps nothing more trite than a cute young girl that thinks she is a designer.
She banks on her looks and social clout but delivers little more than fun parties and an excuse to hold fashion shows at warehouses and lofts.

At the helm Dimepiece Designs are two impressive women with the brains, influence, and savvy to change the way we view that scenario, and ourselves.

At the time of my visit, they were reviewing photos and video from their upcoming lookbook and preparing to let the world know about their spring 2011 line. If you’ve heard of Dimepiece then you know they have been worn by more than a few celebs, have built a powerful brand and are stocked online and in retail stores in more than a dozen countries.What you might not know is that there is not a team of marketers, designers,salesman, and consultants running the engine.

These are two young women pulling the strings in their business and shaping it to be what they envision. It is a romantic notion to some that two people could run an operation so polished on the outside without the back of house being unkempt. They are young, yes, but view that as a strength. The pioneering spirit of these two is what is setting them apart from not only from their peers but other brands that have already made a name for themselves.

Down to earth and humble, Laura and Ashley welcomed me into their office on a sunny SoCal day. I see sketches, shards of fabric, mannequins, all the trappings of a fashion HQ. What really catches my eye is a chalkboard on the back of their door with some notes and ideas all surrounding a large quote. ” If you don’t grind, you fall behind.” That speaks to the ever-driven spirit I feel present in their office.  Ashley elaborates, “No one is standing behind us telling us we have to work everyday, If we don’t work, we don’t make any money.”

Work they DO. As a member of the press I am proud to host content from their 2011 Spring Campaign, Save No Prayer. Wet your palate on a few of the images featuring their upcoming season and stop by their website for the full thing.

For this project the Dimepiece duo enlisted the talent of LA based photographer Kathryna Hancock, in addition to creating the images, shot a short video for the line. (Click for video)

The DPD team shows no signs of slowing, stopping their grind, or fading away. Keep an eye out for them this spring, and if you can spare it, keep two eyes on them.





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  1. Stacy Hyun Avatar
    Stacy Hyun

    Amazing write up, love these two designers.

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