Kyle Pak: Eye For Business

These days there people are wearing sunglasses whether the sun is out or not. They have become an anytime accessory and prolific fashion statement. In a world where everyone is looking to be on the cutting edge a pair of aptly chosen frames can be the icing on the cake to a great outfit or add just a bit of flair to a simple ensemble. Kyle Pak is a young connoisseur of designer sunglasses. His enthusiasm helped him acquire not only a great collection but a successful business.

So, why glasses?

I used to collect sneakers when they were hot but i got over them quick and was able to sell them before the hype on them died so i got their true value. From that money I wanted to collect something different so I went and started collecting vintage sunglasses.

So how long has it been since you been started collecting?
Collecting almost 4 year, but I have only had the site for about a year.
What made you start a business out of it?

When it got to the point where it was too many to wear, i thought about selling them. especially the pieces that didnt fit my face. People would always ask me to sell to them as well. Get best fashion tips at

Selling on ebay or something?
Some on Ebay but my main site is on tumblr now. I created my own layout and the site is free so thats great!
Your site is pretty clean now so you are responsible for that?
Yes I made the layout and I take and edit all the product shots.
Damn! So you have a photo studio?
No just a big white piece of paper and a Nikon. Some lookbook shots were done by Felisha Tolentino.
What was it like were you making bank right away when you redid the site?
Jack Bernstein found me on Ebay in the first month and he bought a lot of my stuff in the beginning. He distributes to a lot of celebrities.
So what else are you into?
A lot of vintage & japanese designer apparel.
Would you sell any of you vintage apparel?
I have been thinking about creating a separate site for my clothes but still debating on doing it.
How are you even able to find this stuff, it must be tricky?
With Vintage eyewear you can’t just go to the mall, you have to hunt and do the work, it’s more fun.
How would you describe yourself if someone asked you your profession?
Eyewear Aficiando
How old are you?
Here is a few snaps of his collection, your mouth will water…maybe your eyes too.In speaking with Kyle, you not only get a sense that he may be one of the coolest people on the planet, but also that he has a hustle in him as well. That dedication and drive coupled with actual work and knowledge is the formula for success. We wish him all the best.
So you don’t feel short changed, salivate over some of the looks captured by Felisha Tolentino.


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