The EDC Experience

Do you remember high school? Do you remember the popular kids sitting at their little table? Maybe you were even one of them. 90% of the kids were influenced by 10%. They had they’re cool kid parties and cool kid table. The Electric Daisy Carnival is where the other 90% hung out.

The largest music festival in North America is not held by Jive, or Interscope, or Sony, it doesn’t not feature Jay-Z or Britney Spears.  The largest music event in North America is celebrated by the odd balls and the wierdos.  Over 10,000 people come to celebrate what makes them unique and share a love for music that is unmatched on this continent.

On August 4th, 2011 the experience of this event will be available for everyone to be a part of. The EDC Experience will screen worldwide in theaters.

Unfortunately the Premier was shrouded by the chaos of riot police and crowd control rounds. We must not let this exemplify the event or the people that participate.


The exposure of this film is intended to inspire and high the positivity surrounding electric music and it’s culture.

I invite you to learn more if you are not aware and to continue to support if you are.



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