The American Slinky:

Start with the video, it will put you in the proper frame of mind.


Slinky is a swedish word for traespiral- sleek or sinous
The American Slinky was created by engineer Robert James in 1943 during tests for tension coil.
Over a quarter billion Slinky’s have been sold, all made in the US in Hollidaysburg, PA.


I am collector of old toys specifically toys that are so simple in design. Nearly 70 years later the slinky is still a great toy for children or many ages and is a shinning example of an American Heritage product recognized the world over.

Some shots from my Slinky Collection:

The thing about theses toys is that they are so simple in design, and had such a profound impact on us as children. As adults we over complicate things for ourselves, and especially for children.
It doesn’t take a lot mental faculty to under stand the concept of a Slinky, they are simply fun to play with. Things don’t have to be complex to be enjoyable.

Before you learn anything, you know everything.



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