Kathryna Hancock shoots Dimepiece Spring 2012

You may remember the COC interview of Dimepiece from a couple years ago, if not you can find it here. The shots we featured from their looked book were amazing, as is everything that comes out of their operation.

As they release some images from their current collection, “The Drug and The Dream”,we decided to give credit to the awesome photographer who created those images from our last feature and has done it again with the newest batch.

Kathryna Hancock is obviously good, as you will see below but we decided to briefly pick her brain just you know what’s going on behind the camera to make the images she creates.

How long have you been shooting, professionally, or with a serious intent?
I think things got pretty serious in the past year– but I’ve been taking pictures obsessively for the past decade.

What about your personality makes photography a good fit?
I’m an incredibly curious person, so yes, it gives me an excuse to be a voyeur. 

Do you like holding the camera more or editing and creating the final process?
Taking the actual photo is definitely my favorite part.

Any interesting ways to deal with “difficult model”?
Feed her. She’s probably just hungry.

What celebrity would you shoot if you could follow them around all day?
Michelle Williams is pretty hot– I think we would make some lovely images together.

If not a celebrity what person or group of people interests you enough to do that.

What do you value more, professional training, good equipment, or a creative concept?

There still aren’t a lot of women photographers, what advantages do you think you might have, and any disadvantages?
I’m much shorter, so it’s easier to get a low angle.

Kathryna doesn’t just shoot for Dimepiece either, check out the rest of her work at kathrynahancock.com
twitter: @kat_the_bat
Also shop dimepiece here:Dimepiecedesigns.com


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