Dana Boulous: Flower Power

Citizens of Culture is not only about illuminating those established players in the city but uplifting and promoting new comers.

Dana Boulos is sort of amidst a career change or rather expansion, when I met her she was a model and I didn’t know much about her. Later while surfing the web I come across her website and after looking at her photos I came to conclusion that there was more than meets the eye to her.

She is now operating on the other side of the camera, she has amassed a body of work and here is a quick view of her style.

I had a few questions to ask, mainly because she is so elusive I wanted make sure she is real. Dana has a mystery about her so her few word have value?

You have history modeling, does that help you shoot?
Yes it does because you get to see it on both ends of a photographers point of view and a models point of view. It’s a win win situation being on both teams!

When you shoot another female nude or provocatively, is it sexual?
No Its not about sex It’s really on how you portray that person’s personality and their vibe. Every person is different.

Indoor shooting or outdoor, which do you prefer?
I love out door shooting the most! I’m trying to get my studio to be set up so I can do some wild set design shooting.

Dana Boulos


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