Second Chance Dance: LA Canvas DTLA Prom

Do you remember 10 years ago, or 5 years, or heck, 3 years ago when you not only  graduated with honors but were also crowned the coolest kid in school and scored with the head cheerleader in the limousine on the way home from the dance?

Do you remember when you got to rub your success into the faces of all the jealous wenches that ever doubted you  on the magic night  you danced dressed like a princess in the arms of your high school sweetheart?

It’s more than likely that this isn’t how your senior prom went, that is, if you even attended.
It’s more than likely that the fellas were just a bunch of pimple faced boys trying to put it in between the legs of some unsuspecting co-ed.
It’s more than likely that the ladies were more concerned about their hair and outfit than anything else that was going on in their lives at the time.

Point is, in high school we were deloused, believing that we were the center of the universe and that  Senior Prom was going to be the biggest night of our lives. The night where dreams came true.

Sadly, we now know that isn’t the case, we are older, more mature, and of course, now we can drink.

As I type, a ragtag group of LA residents is putting together a prom remix. It is an event hosted by LA Canvas and a group of  local sponsors that will give you the chance to relive your glory or change your destiny.

If some tramp ruined your night by showing up in the same dress as you, now is the time for redemption. If you couldn’t go to prom because your grades weren’t good enough so your parents held you prisoner, this is your moment. It is possible that you were just a pimple faced dork that never made it with the girl of his dreams, now is the time to re write your history.

This doesn’t happen for everyone, but you now have a second chance, so don’t be a loser.
Find a date and go to prom.

Go to for more information and a handy prom guide.


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  1. Please say you’re going.

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