Hottest Female DJs: Amy Pham

Amy Famous is one DJ to bet on, she manages to stay active in the scene but above all the drama. She not only spins magic behind the tables and she doesn’t look bad doing it.With  style, charisma, and a Kool Aid smile she can only be found where there is a good time to be had.  I caught up with her at Royal T Cafe for a few minutes to find out what is going on in the life of one of LA’s cool kids. We only had time to talk for a little while but the what I got was a great peak in to the personality of the person who is usually filling the party with her flair.

On Summer:

What ingredients would you use if you had to build the perfect summer?
Well first of all, Sun!!! Also, tons of ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, hand fuls of clouds, bright colors, pastels, flowers. And, the beach.

When I met up with Amy she was just stopping enroute to the beach. You get the idea that she doesn’t waste any moments in life, she smiles often and hearty, big and slow to fade. The season of summer is one that actually reminds me of her personality, bright and inspiring. Just as the sun heats up things and get’s you wanting to hit the road Amy spins at parties and get’s you wanting to hit the dance floor.


When you play a set at a party, what is your strategy, or what are you trying to accomplish with you time?
I like to get a feel for the venue, see what type of people are there. If there is a DJ on before me I want to see how the crowd reacts to what they play and if its good I will keep it going. I don’t like to cut songs off. Some DJs change the song just when people are getting into it and leave people hanging. I like to milk it a little and let people enjoy.


Are there any fictional characters from the past or present whose style resonates with you?
I’d Say, Audrey Twin from the show Twin Peaks she has a kind of Betty Paige gone to school look. Some times I channel Sailor Moon, I also loved the Spice Girls style.

I know you’ve been doing HM Sound system with your brother Minh, what else do you have going on?
I have been doing a web series for called The Fashion Statement for the online net work The Platform. We go to fashion events, and do street style. Its different in that we are not so couture to be exclusive we try to produce content that is accessible to the young demographic as well. I also just singed to a commercial agent so I have been going out for work and doing commercials for different companies.

Check out Amy’s latest episode of The Fashion Statement below and if you are hungry for a taste of what she is serving on the tables stop by the Broadway bar for HM Soundsystem’s weekly residency.

Amy Pham

twitter: @nawtphamous


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