Electro Design: Dijital Fix

The city of New York is a treasure trove of interesting places, people, and things. That is particularly true in this case. As I am walking up Bedford Ave., in Brooklyn, I happen to peek into what looks like an abandoned movie theater or something. I swing open the double doors to enter and find an arcade of shops that is known as the Bedford Mini Mall. Inside is a book store, a kid’s boutique, a cafe, and an accessories shop, among other things.

It really seemed like too much for me to take in as I was already on my way somewhere but my eye is caught by a vintage electronics museum. Upon further investigation I find that this museum is actually a retail store called Dijital Fix.

Aptly named, this place has every computerized confection that your nerdy little heart could desire. The twist is that this stuff isn’t just a Radio Shack. It is more like an electronic audio boutique and show room. The center piece is lounge chair  and ottoman set that house a record player and speakers. All throughout the space you find that there are displays that are really more art pieces than merchandising displays.

The placement of vintage audio fixtures alongside modern design electronic accessories is really an eye catch. As you peruse the store you find not only those little bits and bobs that you might need for your DJ set up but also a old floor model 8-track player that you wish you had the space for.

As you walk through the space there is so much eye candy that it takes a while to consume everything. Dijital Fix is most certainly a destination for sight seeing as well as shopping. This hybrid, retail space and mini gallery should definitely be a destination for any BK explorations.

218 Bedford Ave. (at North 5th Street)
Willamsburg, Brooklyn, 11211


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