Rica Wade: On The Move

If you think you haven’t seen Rica Wade before, you just aren’t paying attention. She is a dancer/model that looks just as good when she is standing still as when she is moving. If you had been paying attention you would have seen her in Frank Ocean’s new video for “Pyramids”.

Behind her captivating gaze and toned physique is really one of the sweetest people I’ve come to know in Los Angeles. I think people get caught up in images and sometimes for get that what we love about the images is what they represent.

Rica is certainly on the rise as a model but just in case you think she is just a pretty face you can check out the video below for confirmation of the opposite. For now, keep your eyes peeled for Ms. Wade. Pretty soon, her face and form will be unmistakeable.

Video and photos shot by Andrew Quesada. Make-up by Gloria Rios.

twitter: @ricawade


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