Emol: The Streets of Brazil

Street Art has blown up in Los Angeles as we’ve seen but just because you took a graphic design class in high school doesn’t mean you should go out and wheat paste the city with your “work”. The description is clear, art that is out on the street. I heard of Emol via word of mouth from a friend well versed in the art scene. When I saw Emol’s paintings I was immediately effected on an emotional level. The color and patterns in his work give me the feeling of nostalgia, it speaks of vibrance and youth. The technical ability though, is not rudimentary by any means and I find poetry in that paradox. Emol was kind enough speak with us, language barriers aside he is eloquent and definitely and interesting citizen.

Have you had any formal training or were you self taught?  How do it has influenced your style and technique?

Working with 1DayBanner on samba schools, painting banners for football fans firm and my proximity to Hip Hop is what I cite as my initial art schools. This and my self criticism led me to the style and technique that I have today

I don´t attended university, but I already attended workshops that interest me.

Today, the project Rolê Brazil (live in places uncertain by time indefinitely for arts research and experiment) has also been a school for me because I know many artists and regional cultural events that directly affect my thinking and doing art.

 Before you start a new mural, do you have any ritual that you do before to prepare yourself?

Each mural and intervention is a different story.
In some I like to visit the place before painting and thinking it has something to do with the community. In others I already have an idea and seek a good local for it. And in other moments I paint with ideas that arise spontaneously in the moment.
Your work is seen in various sizes. When you are choosing a location do you seek more for a size with an image already in mind or do you let the canvas guide you on what to paint?

Almost always the wall should guide I paint, but it is connected with designs I have in my mind. I very draw on paper and this really helps to have new ideas when I see a wall that attracts me.

You often have to use tall ladders and scaffolding, are you afraid of heights? How do you deal with it, if so?

There are different reactions to afraid. In some cases it is attractive. In other cases the fear appears only after the action has been performed.

I am very afraid of heights, but these paintings are a mission. With or without height and I determine that I will do.

With this most recent mural, how did you come to paint it with Cena7 and Melim, who put the  three of you together in this space?

We’re old friends, and commitment to produce art that also helps to bring us closer. This recent mural are a project of Cena7 and Melim, I was invited by them.

Do you prefer to have your work next to others?

Each work is a different story.

I love how the fountain was considered in your design, it gives it a 3D feeling. Does the bird have any significance with the area?
This mural was done in the sculpture garden of the Pinacoteca and that is a sculpture made by other artist.

I had only 4 days to think and paint the mural. So I had no time to think a poetic relationship with his art work, but the whole layout of my painting was thought from where this sculpture was and how it would relate visually with the work.

You often do images of animals, do you more often imagine your own animals or use natural animals as reference?

Almost always I’ll be taking creatures of the imagination. Mainly creatures that emerge spontaneously in free drawings I do. Are rare times that I use natural animals as references.

With the next Summer Olympics to be held in Rio in 2016, do you have any idea if you might be able to create some work for the city in regard to them hosting the Olympics?Is that something you would be interested in?

I like working. I routinely producing or studying what I do.
So I’m always willing to create works if there is a good proposal and not contrary to some my ideals.
Recently, your work was  featured at the Carmicheal Gallery in Culver City, do you have any plans to make a mural in Los Angeles?

I want do a mural in Los Angeles. I am looking for a partner for it.

Though he is categorized as a street artist he is has done gallery shows as well as noted in the interview.

We should certainly support Emol and if there is anything you can do to get him to Los Angeles, I beseech you to contact us.





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