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“Follow Close” Still 1

Director and Film maker Peter J. Brant has recently released a new music video featuring Robert Raimon Roy with a self titled single. After taking a gander at the music video I had the distinct impression that I had just finished watching a silent movie. The video is dark and polished, in a film noir kindof way. Each of the scenes is deliberate and telling. So I just had to reach out to the man who orchestrated the creation of the work. PJB was more than obliging to fill us in this video but also a little about himself.

” I like taking a moment that could be an action packed scene and find the subtle moments in them.”  Peter is a craftsman of suspense, he strikes me as the type of storyteller that almost wishes he didn’t have to talk to convey his message. The irony is that he is quite eloquent so you almost wish he would spend more time talking but instead he is succinct. This is particularly apparent when you experience his work.

“Follow Close” Still 2

Mr. Brant wet is creative feet with music, and then followed with creating music videos as he developed his eye. After listening to his sound I know him to be even more of an eloquent fellow. There is a folky style to the projects released under Ben and Bruno. While he is still creating music it would seem that his name perhaps has travelled farther as a directory, which he doesn’t seem to have a problem with. “It’s hard to focus on one thing right now because every thing happens so fast.”

Consistency is vision is an interesting thing to attain, especially when you are able to allude boringness. He has a mark of work that is defining. Peter J. Brant is the kind of artist that works in different media but is always able to be distinguished.”Follow Close” is a short film that is just on the horizon for release has the same subtle tone as the music. This is not to say everything is the same, but a better word would be familiar in a way you are able to greet the projects with open mind and not be disappointed.There certainly was no disappointment with the “Robert Raimon Roy” video.

Lidia Vitale in “Robert Raimon Roy” music video

How do you approach making videos vs films?
I like to break the song apart in a graph form and get an idea of the structure. I am always interested in creating a narrative but “Follow Close” is unlike the video in that has more of a poetic feel. It is a subtle quiet film.

Ok, so concept, where did it come from?
Imagine what it’d be like if someone stole your name? The song is his him, it is his identity. There is that darkness to it as well which is sort of that David Lynch reference.

What was the cast like, Rob Roy and the others?
Rob is unique in a way, he takes himself seriously but he is not they type of guy looking to enforce his presence on the world. Not too many rappers would take that on. As an actor, he has the ability to repeat things with slight changes. Acting takes patience and customization and that he does have.

Rob Zabrecky, plays as Robs dopleganger who is also a real magician and has those distinct features.

The leading lady, Lidia Vitale have worked more in Italy and is relatively new to US has great energy. We were originally going to cast a busty blonde type but  Lidia has a really great MILFy style that we thought was more subtle.

Marcus Herring, was the chef, and had a lot of great things to say. I might have been nice to cut in some of those excepts but it was not something we planned for.

Casting was done by Hayley Marcus Simpson of Plaster Casting.

Who would you like to work with now?
I really like working with people I know. I would really love toto write something with the people that were in the video.

What is something that you are hoping to create in the near future?
I want to follow up with an object to suit my short film “Follow Close”

Rob Zabrecky and Lidia Vitale in “Robert Raimon Roy” music video

Whatever it is that you might come across from PJB, be it, Rob Roy’s next video masterpiece, a short film, or a music album, take notice of his subtle eloquence. Note that he is not forcing anything on your but letting the narrative reveal itself in a natural way. There is afterall a story behind everything.

…And now for our feature presentation: “Robert Raimon Roy” directed by Peter J. Brant

Peter J Brant

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