Brenna Whitaker: Sunday Kind Of Love

If you are tired of the electronic dance music that is pounding through massive speakers in all the Hollywood clubs these days, you might want to switch the night that you are going out. You may also want to switch the place.Sunday Night’s at the W Lobby in Hollywood, the crowd pours in dressed to the nines. The atmosphere is sexy and charming, so is Brenna.

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Brenna’s voice is so full and powerful it is like there is a heavy-set southern gospel singer bottled up in her diaphragm. To say she has pipes would be an understatement, she is a plumber  working those pipes and making them squeal, rattle, and roar.  She has been performing since the age of 11 and  to see her comfort on stage it is no surprise. 

If you are looking for a departure from the average Hollywood experience, this is an event that you will certainly want to stop by. Drinks continue to pour and the company is of the highest caliber. It is a place where locals, celebs, and a few savy tourists can rub shoulders and dance. Brenna is Los Angeles’ very own jazz maven and she is keeping live music not only alive  but in quite good health.


It is a different type of feeling to be in the presence of live talent. It is not so surface, and neither are the connections with the people there. It is a night of laughter and dancing and a reminder that the old Hollywood glamour is still thriving. Special guests like Steve Wonder and Michael Buble have been known to stop by and it sure to be packed after every award show. To have live music on a consisten basis in the center of Hollywood is a special thing and is made even more so by a special woman.


Instead of getting waking up from Saturday night with a long list of regrets check our Brenna on Sundays at The W. Guys, try ditching those whiskered jeans and put on some slacks. Ladies, here is a great excuse to pull out that sequin dress you’ve been saving.

Don’t be afraid to dress up, you deserve it.

Brenna Whitaker

The W Hotel

6250 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028


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