J a m e s . B l a k e : A Man In His Own Genre.


There are very few artists that make you wait on a moment to feel a feeling you have waited your whole life to feel. Very few artists make you wait. In the age of very microwaveable music, James Blake gives you a buffet to digest. A patient listener will be reward with the masterpiece known as “Overgrown”. Every time my girlfriend hears a new song from the artist known as James Blake she asks the same question “WHO IS HE?!?!? And how does he make me feel this way???” Well upon first glance James is a very normal looking bloke, self produced singer song writer from London who started out recording EP’s in his dorm room. Upon first listen he is something MUCH more. I believe from his first self titled debut album “James Blake” in 2010 he was his own genre. A complete original. No xerox could duplicate what he was making. As an artist who doesn’t really say much, his music truly spoke volumes for him. I’m never sure what to call it, but why try? It’s James Blake. Below I invite you to enter a slight ease drop into his latest work “Overgrown”

He is one of those artists that even if you have no idea what the song is about you feel the meaning. It also sounds better when you are by yourself for some reason, or the music makes you feel like you are by yourself, I’m not truly sure. No matter what I want you to have your own experience with this record but my own personal highlights include “Life Round Here”, which sounds like your brain is being sucked into a new world in every note. “Retrograde” which is so soulful I get chills every time I hear it (which is like 6 times a day lol) easiest the best song released this year. “Take A Fall For Me” which features The RZA from thee legendary Wu Tang Clan (the first rapper  to ever appear on any James Blake project) spitting potent poetry over one of James’ more intricate arrangements. “Voyeur” which builds so subtly it sounds like you are being levitated above a technicolor dance floor being built in your brain. “To The Last” which has snare that  would melt the face of MF DOOM, and the HUGE victorious stadium feel present in the final song “Everyday I Ran”.

I feel I have said enough, in the words of James himself “Ignore everybody else, we’re alone now.”

“Overgrown” is out April 9th .

– d e f


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