The . Boy . That . Made . WOLF .

FUCK . Those are the first words on thee album. It really sets the tone for the entire record if you ask me. Who knew eating a roach would get you this far? He’s done a lot since he  hung himself in Yonkers. Enter the wild world of a kid who admitted he was a Bastard the first time we heard him. Tyler, The Creator  has created his own world within the trilogy of 3 albums “BASTARD” , “GOBLIN”, and with his newest offering “WOLF” (follow along and stream the full album below)

. “WOLF” is the prequel to both “BASTARD” and “GOBLIN” and takes place at Camp Flog Gnaw, where Tyler has been sent and meets a slew of characters/alter-egos. There’s Tyler (of course), Wolf Haley, Dr TC (camp counselor/ therapist on BASTARD & GOBLIN), Ace the Creator, Slater, Tron Cat, and, on “WOLF”, we’re introduced properly to a new character Sam, who is a drug dealer. All of these characters exist as his split personalities that he splits time from time to time writing songs as. They are all obsessed with one girl, Salem. Salem who is Sam’s girlfriend takes center stage on this album. Emotions run high on his self directed video for “IFHY (feat.Pharrell)”.IFHY is a jealous Sam singing Salem a song about how much she means to him, after he finds out she’s been to the lake with Wolf Haley. This song gives you a peek into his emotions that seem to have him feeling toyed around with to the point he feels like an actual toy in a doll house chasing her from room to room. Experience the video for yourself below.

IFHY (feat.Pharrell)

At the end of “IFHY (feat.Pharrell)” we have another gem from the album “Jamba” (which is also his nickname for his grandmother). I love a good two in one video.

This album feels like an a lot more of a vulnerable Tyler than we have heard in the past. For example “Answer” is about the phone call’s he wishes his whole life would happen. It may be Tyler’s most mature song to date where he delves into the constantly resurfacing emotion of the absence of his Nigerian father and his now deceased grandma Jamba over a very Neptunes  circe 2002 influenced production.

“48” is a song by Tyler performed as Sam who goes in depth over organs and horns and tumbling keys about why he became a dealer and really is remorseful for ruining the very lives of the people he sells to. The song also features some sampled Nas vocals breaking down the drug game and if you listen closely you can even hear Pharrell yelling “Yeah Nigga!” in the background.

“Colossus” is an interesting lil song that is somewhat Tyler’s version of the Eminem classic “Stan”. He flips the story to an in person perspective, that is more like the recorded dialogue that sometimes is unspoken that occurs when a fan meets his idol. On “Colossus” he meets his own number one fan at Six Flags as he is buying a churro and is approached being asked for a picture, which he initially says no to but… Yea you just gotta hear it for yourself.

Another highlight on the album is a nice hypnotizing three in one song “PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer” .

Watch “Bimmer (feat. Frank Ocean)” below

“Bimmer” being my favorite, bangs HEAVY as Tyler’s finds a way to get Salem to the lake and  begins the song telling her how lame Sam and his impala are as they listen to Tame Impala. Frank Ocean plays the role of a background sample perfectly on this one it’s truly brilliant.

“Rusty” feat. EARL and Domo  is another highlight just bars on bars on bars, enough quotables for you spend a few hours on Rap Genius.

“Analog” fans are getting sick of the rape
All the “Tron Cat” fans are getting sick of the lakes
But what about me, bitch? I’m getting sick of complaints”

I feel you.

“Treehome95” shifts the albums gears a bit and features the beautiful voices and aura’s of  Coco O. (of Quadron) & Erykah Badu. There are no rap verses here so open your minds sails, it’s a beautiful trip.

We’re almost into the conclusion and by now you have kinda come to the conclusion this album is KINDA out there. Cool, well get ready for “Tamale”, it’s a purely insane banger and sounds more fun and a bit different sonically than anything on here. I’m not even sure if this is a sample or is it someone just screaming like they ate a damn jalapeño. The song is fire though.

Tyler decides to end the album on an elegant note with “Lone”.  Which sounds like a score, and is about his last conversation with his dying grandmother. The song seems to lead you to believe her death was the reason for who he became on BASTARD. Being that his grandmother is who raised him.

“WOLF”  overall feels like a true evolution of Tyler as a Creator. Sonically it’s very Neptunes influenced in every chord, but you knew that already so who cares? Far from flawless but applaud it. There’s just less to say, more to enjoy with a project so well rounded it sounds like he finally got to say what he wanted to say the way he wanted to say it. No matter what we think or feel about it it can’t be ignored. Upon first listen every song on here has something  interesting about it. That little simple fact in this day and age is very rare for a rap album. To quote him one more time “I got 99 problems and all of em are being happy” is a killer line made out of the best ingreints possible. Honesty. With three different album covers there was some thought put into this project and it shows. “WOLF” is as light as it is dark and is somewhat of an emotional roller coaster without a seat belt, so no matter how old you are or feel I hope you enjoy the ride.

Thanks, and Fuck you Tyler.

– ∂eƒ


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