Jet, a short Film by Jordan Chesney

As an independent artist it is rare that you will have everything you need to complete your project. You have to make things happen with all the resources at your disposal, help from friends, and loads of creativity. Jordan Chesney, is film maker that has a full understanding of this and has recently re-release a body of work that he was fortune enough to reshoot with a bit more of those resources. Citizens Of Culture sits down with Jordan and his wife, Tori, to discuss the film, the future, and how important it is to have a strong community of artists helping each other

The film is about  a fellow named Jet, he’s got a problem. We don’t know what the problem is but he believes the solution is in the barrel of his revolver. Jet point the revolver to his head, and just before he pulls the trigger he sees a little girl. That’s where things get interesting. Enjoi….

It’s apparent that the guy has issues, but I wonder exactly why he is going to try and kill himself in the first place. I asked Jordan about the problem Jet has and why he would want to commit suicide, he let’s me know, ” I needed away to equip him. The film is about deception.”  You must ask yourself, “Was this a guy who had a sudden moment of courage to do the right thing?” or ” Or is he just meddling in the affairs of a family and kills two innocent men?” The answer never presents itself which leaves the suspense created in the film lingering in your mind after.



It poses questions about nature as well, knowing that he has nothing to live for, it might seem that his attempt to save the girl is partly fueled by a desired to turn things around for himself as well. The feeling that someone needs you to save them can be incredibly validating but it is unclear if the girl is even in danger. Jordan is clever that way. He, along with Tori run They Roared Films their independent production company. Tori is a screenwriter and fell for Jordan’s drive and passion just after high school, they have been together ever since. The two are looking to fund and film more short films and eventually a feature. In order to do this they need support, but they aren’t afraid to give it also.

Jordan is a regular Kickstarter contributor and the Chesney’s have a revolving door when it comes to guests as Tori describes,”We were one of the firsts to move to L.A. from our area so we are always letting people stay with us while they get settled in LA.”  Jordan knows what it means to have to scrape up resources to get a project completed. This is the second version of Jet. The first version was shot un scripted  and with no budget, as time passed Jordan was able to gather some funds to reshoot. The Jet: Screenplay is the result, but if you would like to check out the first version here it is below. The difference in the films are about the nuances.

“Help people who need help instead of trying to get in with people who have money,” is Jordan’s advise for getting of on the right foot in LA. Tori explains how the city might have a bad reputation, ” We’ve been in LA for 5 years, and people have the wrong idea. People are more friendly in LA than we’ve experienced in Charlotte, we trade work and share resources. This is exactly what we wanted, to be a part of a community that was creative and cared about us.” It seems they were able to find that here and increasingly we hear this about Los Angeles. Perhaps a city is just what you make it, the energy you feel in a town can have a lot to do with the energy that you bring to it. Jordan and Tori Chesney have brought a great energy and are keeping us fulfilled with great work. They roar indeed.

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