Lola Blanc releases Bad Tattoo

Los Angeles is full of people that look interesting as a profession, but sometimes the look is about all you get. When I met with Lola Blanc she was wearing a purple cheerleader skirt, a clear plastic trench coast, with a black crop top and a spike choker. She looked like the most popular girl in school who happened to be a vampire slayer, very Buffy, very cute.My intrigue began there and found no end.

We met where all the artsy kids meet, a coffee shop.  I happened to be starving so it was a good thing we met at Store Front Deli in Loz Feliz. A person who wears a  clear plastic trench coat on a perfectly sunny California Saturday might strike you as odd and perhaps this is true, but the word is far to inadequate to describe Ms. Blanc. Lola has her own unique style that translates directly to her music. She has a little quirk that let’s you know what you are getting is authentic, and to say her looks are captivating would be an understatement.

She rocks out in her new single Bad Tattoo and there is no doubt you’ll be hearing more from her. She just recently penned a track for Britney Spears on the up coming Smurf sequel and there is already tons of buzz about that tune.  Check out the track and while you listen take a gander at these deliciously exclusive photos.

For an aspiring pop maven she is surprisingly soft spoken. I think her style catches your attention and she keeps it with that subtle voice. Lola’s new tune is everything she is, fun, edgy, and infectious. Much love Lola.

IMG_0538 IMG_0720mirror IMG_0846crop IMG_0388horizontal

Lola Blanc

Photo Production Credits:

Photographer: Natalie Neal
Stylist: Dagmarette Yen
Makeup Artist: Natasha Marcelina
Photo Assistant: Chris Duce
Bird WranglerExtraordinaire: Nick Dio

Clothing Credits:
Look 1 (sequin dress portraits):
CC Skye Diva Nail Ring

Skaist Taylor hinge ring

Shameless star ring

American Apparel parrot embellished pin

Abeyo Marqz sequin dress

Look 2 (birds)
Lola’s own white and purple striped denim bustier

Skaist Taylor knuckle ring
Skaist Taylor hinge ring

“Head of Class” convertible zip skirt by Gerlan Jeans x Joyrich

Look 3 (bubbles):
Courtney Allegra leather skirt

72 Hour Freek Couture candy embellished top

CZ Falconer black fur vest


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  1. Junebug Avatar

    This article was adorable and made me fall in love! The pics are stunning, but the music was the best surprise.

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