Donny Jackson’s One Man Shown

Whether a fan of spoken word poetry, live  theater, or simply a fan of people in general here is something that you are certain to enjoy. Donny Jackson, in collaboration with Green Way Arts Alliance presents, a compelling night of theater and spoken word.

One Man Shown is delivered in stories by a grandmother, police officer, African girl, and hate crime survivor—among others—prismed through poetry and punctuated by music and projected images. In a grasp at finally growing up, One Man Shown travels from a teenage boy’s early reality check from his mother,through the joys and tumult of romance, the stark and brutal lessons of sexual identity in America, and the global attack on women and femininity.  A parade of necessary angels, the characters illuminate the painstaking craft of adulthood, including the reassuring tug at the anchors of stable men in the author’s life, facing the devastating quake of loss, and, ultimately, forging a voice in the world as an artist and a man

One Man Shown  is a celebration of language and performance, but, at its core, it is a declaration of a desire to push the boundaries of the genre of spoken word in service of the lifeblood of art:  reflecting the radiant possibilities of humanity through storytelling.

I stopped by to check out the earlier performances and I was impressed by Donny’s writing and performance ability. He transforms through out the night between these characters and let’s you get a glimpse of their lives from the perspective of each while still moving the story along. It is a compelling narrative about the human experience, individual disposition and how we see things and people shapes our world view.

Tonight is the final showing of One Man Shown,  and if you have the time to stop by I surely encourage you do so.



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