Thee . Wonderful . World . of . Tiron . & . Ayo .


Hip Hop is a very very interesting genre these days. It’s growing up and growing down, maybe even diagonally. There are new faces every 5 minutes literally, check your soundcloud.  Everyone is brainstorming to be the next thing lightening chooses to strike, but few keep an umbrella. Tiron & Ayomari are two gentlemen from Los Angeles who choose to share theirs with you and show you the world around you is still wonderful.


Enter “The Wonderful Part.I”  (Listen Below)

The umbrella is a symbol they chose to use as kind of a Bat signal to their listeners, that their music is here to protect your ears against thee b.s. that seems to be reigning/raining the airwaves these days. That’s a huge task and idea to fit into one project don’t you think? Less is more and more or less brings you two EP’s dropping 2 months apart from each other titled “The Wonderful Prelude part I & II”. Both EP’s have four songs and serve as the perfect precursors to something even more Wonderful than we can image. There is no absence of concepts here, let’s start with a picture shall we? The lightly Slum village influenced “No Filter” swings through as a real head nodder. The song teleports you into “that moment”; you know that moment when you first meet that one, that’s so picture perfect she needs no filter or frame to hang get the picture?

No Filter

After a small 12 second intermission from Miguels brother BeatNich & Marz Lovejoy @ the end of “No Filter” ushers in the smooth drum and horn driven “PRTY N BLSHT” which delivers the EP’s most infectious rhyme patterns. A hook filled with familiarity that never seems to fade and just feels right.


The first Prelude closes with “The Master Part I” which more of a chant than a full song. “The Mater Part I” delivers a message that is very potent and on point.

“show love

give thanks

take time

be calm

don’t trip

fall down get up

hold on

be strong

don’t trip”

Great advice fellas.


Which brings me to the second movement of the duo’s EP “The Wonderful Prelude II” (Listen Below)

Part II Opens on a very somber yet moody song called “For the Dreamers” the vibrations alone will find yourself lost in. A very honest piece that . The early Outkast influenced “Haven’t You Heard” begins with a familiar drum break and live beasty bass line that drives you to the positive and airy vocals that leave the listener with hope.  Heavy on melody but not light in content a simple yet very wise quotable gem from sir Ronnie himself:

“What they think about you
Is only what they think they know
And no you cant be worried about that (Say it again!) ”

No really, say it again !

The ending of “The Wonderful Prt.II” winds down with the bass heavy and dreamy conversational piece called “Ruca”. “Ruca” sounds like the last hit from something wrapped in white papers passed round a room while the homie Ayomari tells you a story about a past flame that still lights his fire, as he ashes the past into an empty Snapple bottle all you can say is “Damn son, I feel you, been there before.” It feels effortless.


I find that I don’t listen to “The Wonderful Prt.I” without listening to “The Wonderful Prt.II”  feels like one thoughtful feel good record that bleeds into each other. They almost need each other. Both EP’s feel like twins that look alike with different color eyes from two different counties that just met at a hip hop show because they both like Tribe.”The Wonderful Prt. I & II” are both vibe heavy and honest records from a duo who sound like they are still getting to know themselves and the world around them through what they are creating. They seem very conscious of this. TiRon & Ayomari seem to have  completely found their chemistry here. There’s no drug talk, gun talk, money talk, thug talk on here, just real talk for real people and that’s cool. What they bring is a simple charm and pleasant relatability in a day and age where most people have to be shocked to be entertained. The Preludes sound like the calm before the storm. Once the storm arrives TiRon & Ayomari just hope you have your umbrellas ready.



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  1. I’m really digging this. Lulululu. Thanks for the beats and the words.

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