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Have you ever heard music that felt like a place? A place familiar, not completely foreign, but you feel it every time you hear it? I find music to be the only form of time travel I have discovered that works every time. There is a certain magic about nostalgia that makes you remember where you were when you first heard a song that made you feel a feeling you can’t quite forget. Every time you hear that song it teleports you  back there. In a world where most modern music is about being as “now”, dark, and as jarring as possible, the artist Sun Rai sheds some light bringing a simple and timeless change of pace.

Sun Rai bka Rai Thistlethwayte is a singer/song writer/multi instrumentalist originally from Australia now residing under Los Angeles skies with a very true knack for creating songs that feel pure and sincere. The first time I found myself teleporting through Rai’s sound waves was to a place called “San Fransisco St.”

I heard “San Francisco St.” on Chris Douridas’ KCRW morning show while I was at work, thinking it was a song from thee mid 70’s and I had to Shazam it instantly thinking that I should sample it when I get home. Once I got home I rabbit holed my way into his soundcloud (my favorite website to discover new music these days) realizing that this song “San Francisco St.” actually came out in 2013! It stunned me that something so new felt so effortless and timeless. The song paints a beautiful portrait that feels like it’s something from Bobby Caldwell’s catalogue.


His latest project “Pocket Music” is 4 vivid songs of pure feel good. Short and sweet leaves your mp3 player on repeat. Another highlight and infectious track that might brighten your night comes in thee form of a song called “Til The Lights Come On” below

On “Rose” he tells the story of two lovers under a full moon forced to separate and he somehow captures a hopeful tone. A beautiful break up that sounds more like a last dance.

Rai makes music that sounds like a smile.  Influenced by Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Claude Debussy, and Randy Newman he truly shines through on another song I also stumbled across while on his youtube channel  which is actually a cover of the 80’s  Scottish band Proclaimers classic “500 Miles”  that you can check out for yourself below

The under lying tone of every song seems to be love. Simple. We all need it, we’ve all felt it. Not matter how old or young, it’s about love. I know something special when I hear it and Rai is a quiet revelation in a room full of very loud distractions. So for a moment forget about your troubles and worries and just enjoy the Sun Rai’s. “Pocket Music” is now on iTunes.



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