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We all know the feeling of taking that first bite of something that is so delicious there is no other word to describe it. “Yum” An onomatopoeic word that is used to express pleasure, especially in food. Last month we looked at economic consumption with Kelly Van Patter, this month we look at our behavior as the other kind of consumers. Everyone in Los Angeles eats but our food habits are  not only set by our appetite but by every aspect of our culture. Some say, “You are what you eat.” in September we look at these food habits as they relate to our peers, politics, desires, and even our fashion sense. As members of modern society we don’t merely eat to stay alive, it has become a source of please, a social past time, and for some a hobby.

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Los Angeles is one of the more progressive cities when it comes to food choices, but there are still millions in Los Angeles, that are not educated about what they are putting into their bodies. We would hope to make a small impact in informing people important morsels of information that can change the way they eat and buy food. It is not only about purchasing food but also, how we prepare it, store, it and reheat it.It important to look at not only ourselves but the entire industry that makes up our food chain and how we come to receive the things we eat. We will speak with notable names in the food culture like respected community gardener Ron Finely and this website www.spicekitchenandbar.com. We will visit with chefs and nutritionists, and there may even be a special guest towards the end of the month.

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In addition to the informational aspect we have some very entertaining content on the topic of food and a new crowd funding idea that you can take part in. If you are looking to be inspired, by the color and taste that Los Angeles has to offer we have some great recommendations for you this month as well. In a time when people are looking to improve their health and quality of life Citizens Of Culture is hoping to be of a little aid in that quest.

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I hope you will stick with us all month as we explore, food, diet, drink, and more. Offline, we’ve got some delicious programming for you to partake in as well. Private pot luck, event coverage, and documentary screenings so make sure you are subscribed via email or like our Facebook and Twitter profiles to be informed about what is going on. As we call a close to Summer, we begin to naturally want to settle down, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be chasing adventure. Variety is indeed the spice of life  we are ready to get seasoning. There is so much good stuff going on in the way of food that it will be impossible for us to cover everything, but rest assured what we do feature will be well worth the time to prepare it.

Bon Appetit,

-Maceo Paisley-

Founding Editor, Citizens Of Culture-


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