Fritzi Dog: Dog-Gone Good

Just as Labor Day is the unofficial lsat day of Summer, the hot dog is the unofficial food of Summer. If you pass into the Farmer’s Market on 3rd and Fairfax  near The Grove, you will find Fritzi Dog, a delight for any hot dog lover.  FD is the creation of Los Angeles’s own Neal Fraser, of BLD, as his response to the void in artisanal hot dogs that were quick, and delicious, but didn’t have all the junk that other’s do.




Let’s start with the fries, fresh cut from real potatoes and optionally served half and half with tater tots, for a nostalgic twist. You choose your dog and topping or a combo and it is server on a regular bun or pretzel bun.

P1060709The meat. Veg fed, humanely raised, antibiotic free and no snouts or tails.   The sauce options  are nothing short of gourmet taste and range from zesty, sweet to savory. You can your Fritzi any way that suits your fancy.



At Fritzi you’ll find choice ingredients and a creative menu. It’s fast food done right.


6333 West 3rd Street
Stall # 742
Los Angeles, CA 90036
323. 936 9436

Fritzi Dog


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